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I started Amor during covid and I must say with a belief in something revolutionary: that business could be a force for good, and also it was my dream to create a brand that is accessible and affordable to everyone. Following my vision, we’ve been rule breaking, never faking, and change-making for over years. Sahir lodhi

The Story Of Amor Beautee.
Amor beautee was launched to create a new standard in the beauty industry, the importance of healthy ingredients, Sahir lodhi wanted to create beauty products as safe as they were effective. He decided to create organic and natural products without using toxic chemicals. He researched and tested their formulations. We are PCSIR certified.

Business can be a force for Good.
Business can drive positive change in the world. When Sahir lodhi threw open the doors of Amor beautee, this was his belief. The products we create, the campaigns we run, and the communities we support drive purpose as well as profit. We’re change-makers and we always have been.

The future
"As a brand, we are fun yet knowledgeable, and we are always innovating! Any time we create a new product, we raise the bar and make sure that whatever we are creating will fill a gap in the industry. It is about giving people the power to them express who they want to be no matter who they are, or where they are from. Beauty is all about how confident you feel, and we’re here to provide you that confidence with our amazing and affordable products so that will always be the ultimate goal for us.”