Milky White Shampoo

Gives volume
Nourished hair
Promotes hair growth
Makes hair smooth and silky

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No matter whether you’re dealing with a dry, flaky & oily scalp, Fungus or dandruff, You need to apply Amor Milky white shampoo that coats each and every hair strand with a blend of biotin, hydrolyzed milk protein, and Vitamin E. This triangular formula effectively nourishes and strengthens your hair from the roots to end while the fragrance of mint and vanilla makes it smell good. At the same time, its rich composition cleanses the scalp, gives weight and volume to hair by reducing hair fall instantly with 95% protection from hair break in one single wash.

Vitamin E
Hydrolyzed milk Protein
Essential Oils
Fragrance (mint & vanilla)

Wet your hair with water. Pour appropriate amount of shampoo into the palm. Apply it to your scalp and massage until it lathers. Then wash your hair and scalp completely with water.


250ML, 500ML


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