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Amor gold caps are among our hot sellers.  It is a very well researched product made by the experts. It’s organic and has no side-effects. It is multi-functional, anti- aging, prevents hair fall, rejuvenates your cells, boosts energy and immunity and also helps you in losing weight and balancing hormones.

It is made up of some herbal ingredients like Emplica Officnails, terminalia chebula, terminalia bellirica and moringa oleifera. Each ingredient has its own special uniqueness which contributes in making rapid weight loss.


1. Emplica Officnalis 2. Termialia Chaebula 3. Termialia Bellirica 4. Moringa Oleifera

More Details

Emblica Officinalis, Terminalia chebula, and (Haritaki) Terminalia chebula are three ingredients which have multiple health benefits. It became a polyherbal medicine and it is believed to promote longevity and prevent chronic disease. Not just this, it also makes you lose unwanted fat from your body.
Moringa leaves are very beneficial for people trying to lose weight. Moringa can decrease fat formation in the body and improve fat breakdown. It contains anti-inflammatory properties, which is beneficial for losing weight and achieving your goal.

6 reviews for Gold Caps

  1. Amor_admin

    Excellent for Weight Loss

  2. Khawaja Majid Hussain

    Best product

  3. Waseem Shaikh

    I m using this capsules i want to know should i diet for results?

  4. Tabassum

    I have interest in your product and I want to buy your product.

  5. Maria Iftikhar

    I have tried this in march I loved it. Delivered on time COD. No side effects easy to consume great for general health.

  6. Rabiya

    Best Results. Thank you.

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