Amor Hair Serum

Cures Alopecia

Makes Scalp & Hair Healthy

Stimulate Hair Growth

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Amor Hair Serum is a special product made to meet the common hair challenges faced by the majority of men and women due to chemical usage, unbalanced diet and too much stress. It fastens the process of re-growth of hair and covers baldness. It accelerates massive hair growth that is stronger and healthier. It has no-side effects and is blended carefully with natural and harmless ingredients and is a mix of badam oil, akhrot oil, egg oil, castor oil, vitamin E and many more.

Take 7 drops of amor hair serum daily before sleeping
Message gently in your scalp especially on the targeting areas.
Use your tips for massaging.
Leave the serum overnight and wash it off in the morning with AMOR Shampoo


1. Johar e lobaan 2. Johar e aamla 3. Arq e zafran 4. Badam oil 5. Akhrot oil 6. Egg oil( anday ki zardi ka oil) 7. Caster oil ( arand oil) 8. Vitamin -E 9. Charaitah 10. Sandal 11. Reetha

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Vitamin E, as it's a nutrient for your body it is also the best for your skin. It rejuvenates your skin cells. It is applied topically to your face to reduce inflammation and make your skin look young.
Reetha is the key ingredient that controls hair fall by removing dandruff from the scalp. Which is the prime reason for hair fall. Reetha helps to control dandruff and promotes hair growth due to its Tridosha balancing property.
Johar-e-amla strengthens hair. It prevents hair thinning and protects your hair from it.
Also, Amla has Vitamin C which enhances hair natural colour by preventing premature greying of hair.
Badam Oil nourishes your hair, it softens it and it also strengthens your hair. It's rich in vitamin B-7, or biotin, so almond oil helps to keep hair healthy and strong. It can also help protect your hair from sun damage, because it has natural SPF 5. You can also smooth frizz and heal damaged hair with almond oil.
Akhrot Oil promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss while making it shinier, stronger and longer. Walnut Oil not only helps prevent flaky scalp, but also its antifungal so it keeps scalp infections under control. Massaging this can help you to get rid of dandruff, dirt and all other impurities.
Egg oil is enriched with multiple vitamins which gives many benefits to your scalp. It makes the growth of your new hair faster and stronger and they are less prone to breakage and shedding.
Caster Oil decreases the chance of breakage. It benefits the ones who have dandruff
issues or a common scalp condition characterized by dry, flaky skin on the head.
Sandalwood is highly valuable as it treats hair problems like dandruff and it prevents hair fall. It also takes off the excess sebum secretion in the scalp, treats split ends and enhances hair lustre and growth.

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  1. Muneeb

    best product for hair fall solution

  2. Zaheer Haider

    Its good

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