Shipping Policy

Size (Dimensions) of the package:

To ensure that your order arrives in great condition, we do not over stuff boxes. Like inflating a balloon, you do not want to put too much air into it otherwise it will explode. We also try to keep packages lighter than 50 pounds so that you (and the carrier person), don’t hurt themselves.

Number of Packages:

We will deliver you more than one package at your location if we found more orders than only one to avoid over stuffing. We will add another box for safe delivery.

Destination Address:

Our products selection may be shipped from multiple places around the world. Like an airplane ticket, the further away from home you go, the more the distance of your address from our warehouse the more rates of tickets may increase.

Shipping Method:

The shipping method refers to the speed of the delivery. The faster the shipping, the more expensive it may be.