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Amor Silk Herbal Hair Oil

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These days hair issues like hair fall, bad hair quality, less volume, and health of hairs are getting extremely common among all age groups and in both men and women. To overcome all of these mentioned problems, Amor Beauty has launched incredible hair oil, Amor Silk, that can not only resolve all of the issues but also provides everyone’s hairs with a new life. It can change the dry, dull, frizzy, and damage hairs into shiny, healthy, and strong hairs, along with this split ends can also be treated by using this hair oil. It also helps in increasing the volume and quality of hairs.



This hair oil is highly useful for headaches by massaging it over the scalp deeply for good 10-15 mins. It will provide relief from stress and gives you comfort. Continuous use of this hair oil as per the directions will give noticeable and outstanding results. Therefore, your overall personality look will also get positively changed and gives you a new and charming look.

Furthermore, Amor Silk hair oil is manufacturing with a combination of multiple useful and beneficial organic and natural ingredients that never harm the hairs or scalp by any means. This hair oil was designed by hair specialists with profound and thorough research to create something extra beneficial and unique. There was an experienced team that was responsible for creating this Amor Silk hair oil, and they gave their level best efforts in its creation. After the successful testing of this product, this product is allowed and launched by Amor Beauty with the guarantee of remarkable and visible results. However, if someone is a survivor of any unusual hair disease is suggested to kindly consult the doctor before start using or experiment with any new product themselves.



The unique, organic, natural, and useful components that are used in this Amor Silk hair oil are full of advantages regarding hair’s health. The list of ingredients is as under:

  • Nagarmotha
  • Lajwanti
  • Retha
  • Sheka Kai
  • Visma
  • Charrella
  • Heera Qasis
  • Baal Chard



Nagarmotha contains the antioxidants that perform anti-androgenic activity which leads to control the excessive or unnecessary hair growth and suppresses the production of the androgen. It helps in clearing dandruff and controls the dryness of the scalp. It deeply cleanses the dirt and dust that sticks to the scalp skin that protects the skin from itchiness and makes the roots healthy. It is counted in the list of one of the most useful and beneficial herbal ingredient the also reduces the split ends and keep the hair healthy and strong.

Lajwanti, another commonly used named for this ingredient is Mimosa Pudica is also a fantastic natural herb that produces in south Asia. It is full of health benefits. It is used in hair care products to heal any itching on the scalp. It is used to scrub the unnecessary produced bacteria or hair infections. Therefore, it is advantageous in killing parasites, microbes, and other types of hair insects. It is rich in antioxidants. It is also called a wound-healing agent.

Retha is a herb that is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal by nature, and it protects the scalp from dandruff and hair loss because of its amazing Tridosha balancing property. It also makes the hairs longer, shiny, and healthy-looking.

Sheka Kai is an excellent herb that is highly useful for good quality hair growth. It soothes your scalp and gives you feeling of stress relief. It actively fights against the dryness, dandruff, and protect the hair from greyness. It cleanses the strands in such a way that it looks gleaming, beautiful, full of volume, and healthy.

Visma is working like an anti-allergic agent. It fights for scalp protection from hair infections or unnecessary acnes produced due to dirt or warm weather. It protects the scalp from such effects and keeps it safe.

Charrella it helps the scalp cells in growing new, healthy, and good quality hairs quickly with shine and glow.

Heera Qasis nutrients provide vitamin E to hairs and help in growing new hair faster. This herb is easily found in the market and can also be used separately to avail of its benefits.

Baal Chard is the source of providing the vitamins to hairs. Its involvement in this hair oil is the reason to provide hair with the required vitamins to keep the hair’s health security and to grow.


Please use this hair oil as per the directions mentioned on the product or if you are suffering from any significant hair issue then kindly consult the hair specialist before start using any new product.

Here are the tips you can apply with every time used to get practical and beneficial outcomes.

Use alternate days before going to sleep or any time a day. Rub the surface with soft hands and wash it with shampoo.


It can be concluded that Amor Silk Hair Oil is highly beneficial for hair’s growth and health. Its regular use as per the directions will be helpful for both women and men. You will observe a definite and positive change after its application.

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• Nagarmotha
• Lajwanti
• Retha
• Sheka Kai
• Vesma
• Charrella
• Heera Qasis
• Baal Chard


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