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Amor Shampoo

100 % Hair Fall Solution

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Best Hair shampoo
prevent hair loss

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Amor Beauty has introduced this fantastic shampoo for frizzy, dull, damaged, and problematic hairs. This product is manufactured with the vision of changing the lives of people who are enormously suffering from immense hair loss or other critical hair issues. This shampoo’s formula has been made by the team of expert and hair specialist consultants who are experienced in this regard. Under the supervision of trained and highly skilled team members, this unique product came into existence. Proper step by step testing procedures was also performed to check the reliability, credibility, and assuring the investment of the money and trust in this product. Furthermore, this product is useful for both men and women of all ages.


In addition to this information, this hair fall shampoo is specifically a challenge to make something that fulfils all the hair’s health needs and finally gives outstanding results. This product has made with 100% natural and organic hair beneficial ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, natural compounds, etc. There was a sincere search behind the gathering of the natural resources that will at last produce a high-quality Amor hair fall shampoo.

After the first use of this shampoo, people can observe the repairing of damaged hair, it works as an Anti-dandruff agent as well and protects the scalp from producing new dandruff. It has an incredible power of providing the nourishment to every type of hairs. It works like a miracle and stops hair fall that leads to the reason of hair thickening, regrowth of new hairs, and hence it increases the volume with shine and charm in your hairs.

This shampoo has multiple benefits. Therefore, it is useful for all hair types. Some people are suffering from limited issues, and some are surviving with a long list of problems. Hence, this shampoo is recommended to both the cases.


This highly beneficial shampoo has guaranteed results just because of the usage of the combination of astonishing 100% natural and organic ingredients that are as follows:

  • Sodium lauryl ether Sulphate
  • Sodium lauryl Sulphate
  • Vitamin E
  • Retha
  • Shikakai
  • Amla
  • Cocamidopropyl betaine
  • Coconut diethanolamine
  • Preservatives
  • Colour
  • Fragrance


Sodium lauryl ether Sulphate works like a foaming agent in the shampoo and soaps.

Sodium lauryl Sulphate is also used as a foaming agent, and it helps in removing the hardened dirt that sticks to the scalp as well as cleanse the oily factor from the hairs and make the hairs smooth.

Vitamin E is full of natural anti-oxidant effects that provide healthy natural sources to the scalp and hair that helps in maintaining excellent hair growth. Vitamin E anti-oxidant properties could help reduce the amount of oxidative stress and also helps the hair follicle cells in a human scalp to break down that caused by free radicals.

Retha is an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent that fights against hair loss and dandruff. It gives a tremendous shine and sturdy look to the hairs in every wash. It is such a fantastic compound that has no side-effects.

Shikakai is a fantastic natural resource that makes the hair soft and shiny. It prevents the scalp from dryness and dandruff plus increases the hair growth rapidly and lessen the split ends. The most exciting benefit of shikakai is that it prevents hairs from greying.

Amla is used as an essential ingredient in different shampoos because it contains phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals that help in increasing the scalp circulation and stimulate healthy growth. In amla, Vitamin C can be found in the right proportion that produces collagen protein. It also helps in stimulating hair growth, both length and volume-wise.

Cocamidopropyl betaine used to enhance the quality of the hair care products because it helps in improving the shine and glow of the hairs by maintaining the integrity of the cuticle surface. It controls the moisture of the skin cells and follicles of the scalp. Therefore, it leads to the excellent health of the hairs.

Coconut di ethanol amine gives its output as a hair conditioning agent that helps hair look extra shiny, smooth, healthy, and soft.

Preservatives, colour, and fragrance are used to enhance the overall look and odour of the product that eventually gives a soothing effect while applying over the hairs.

As per the exact ratios of the ingredients used in this high-quality and genuine shampoo is as under:

Shikakai extracts 2%

Amla extracts 1.4%

Vitamin E 0.7%

Lavender oil 3.5%

Glycerin 3%

Sodium lauryl sulfate,

Cda, glycerine, methylparaben


\Amor 100% Hair Fall Solution Shampoo helps strengthen your hair and stops hair fall immediately. For healthier hair and long hair.

A unique combination of Amla, Shikakai, Retha and Essential Herbs, Prevents Hair fall, removes dandruff and gives shine to your hair. Strengthen and thicken the hair shaft, and promote hair lustre, Improves hair growth. Add’s body to the hair and makes them stronger.