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Amor Hair Serum is specially designed for people suffering from severe and common hair problems among all age groups and in both men and women. The reason behind these problems is the lousy quality of diet consumption. Therefore, this product is manufactured with the plan to provide the essential and necessary minerals, proteins, vitamins, calcium, and other useful organic resources required for high-quality hair growth through this product. Hence, this product use will change the dry, damaged, frizzy, and unhealthy hairs into healthy, shiny, long, and full of volume.


Amor Beauty follows all the international standard method for manufacturing any of its products to meet the needs of the high-quality standards that are internationally recognized. Therefore, for this product, a highly skilled, multitalented, and trained team of skin specialists was working to produce the exceptional and fruitful quality product. This product combines multiple and beneficial organic and natural ingredients that will boost hair growth rapidly. After the successful testing and certified approval, this product is ready to available in the market for everyone to guarantee no side effects and irritations.


This fantastic product is a reliable and genuine formation of hair serum for beautiful and healthy hairs. Therefore, the ingredients included in this serum are also extraordinary that are listed below:

  • Johar e lobaan
  • Johar e aamla
  • Arq e zafran
  • Badaam oil
  • Akhrot oil
  • Egg yolk oil
  • Caster oil ( arand oil)
  • Vitamin –E
  • Charaitah
  • Sandal
  • Reetha


Johar e lobaan is a kind of a flower. Specialists are extracting their benefits from it to use in beauty products. The hair oil or other hair care products are used here as a stress repellent agent. It provides a soothing and calming effect and keeps the mind stress-free.

Johar e amla makes the hair thick, long, and shiny. It also prevents split ends and hair loss.

Arq e zafran is highly beneficial for hair growth, and it also prevents hair from hair loss.

Badaam oil contains a high quantity of vitamin E that works as an anti-oxidant agent. Therefore, it helps in reducing the split ends and keeps assisting hairs in growing at a rapid speed. It cut down the damaged and dull strands, but the new growing hairs will efficiently cover the loss.

Akhrot oil is highly useful for stimulating the cells of the scalp to help in high-quality hair growth. On the other hand, it controls the blood circulation to keep the hair healthy and full of volume.

Egg yolk oil helps in moisturizing the hairs. It contains vitamins A and E, plus it also has biotin and folate that aids in healthy and robust hair growth.

Castor oil ( arand oil) consists of ricinoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids that control the blood circulation of scalps and helps hairs in its healthy growth.

Vitamin –E improves scalp quality and make it strong and healthy from inside. It preserves the protective lipid layer of the scalp and grows healthy hairs.

Charaitah controls dandruff, hair fall, and dryness of the hairs. It makes the hair smooth, durable, and shiny.

Sandal oil is an essential oil that makes the hair roots strong and tightening the skin tissues. It grows healthy hairs with strong immunity of the base.

Reetha is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal by nature. Therefore, it helps to control the hair fall and repairs the dull and damaged hair effectively.


The correct implementation and application of the product as per the given instructions will be beneficial for accurate and 100% effective results.


Apply seven drops in hair scalp and massage gently with your hands .

Leave it overnight for the best result.


Amor hair serum is an essential and unique product that will make the hairs thick, long, energetic, healthy, and shiny. This glow in your hair will change the overall personality look and gives a charming and stylish groomed personality.

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Weight.30 g

Johar e lobaan
Johar e aamla
Arq e zafran
Badaam oil
Akhrot oil
Egg oil( anday ki zardi ka oil)
Caster oil ( arand oil)
Vitamin -E


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