What happens when I receive an order?

As per your selected mode of shopping, you will be notified via email, mobile app notification, or RSS notification every time you receive an order.

Do I need to ship items myself?

Do not bother yourself for this kind of activity. Just contact your third-party service provider who will arrange and ship your orders for you.

What if I cannot find my particular product on amorbeautee.com?

If, somehow, this happens, then you can immediately contact us via call, message, or email for product restocking. We are always looking forward to our valuable customer’s satisfaction and tried our best to meet the demand and needs. However, we have a variety of other products that are similar to what you want.

Why has my card been declined?

There might be many reasons behind it. It is better to contact the card-issuing company immediately to maintain the safety and security of your credentials.

Are your prices negotiable?

No, we are already selling our product at the most competitive prices with a discount. Therefore, they are not negotiable.


How can I change my order?

Once you have placed an order, our warehouse team immediately start processing your request. Hence it is unable to revert the order and edit anything after confirmation.


How can I cancel my order?

This facility is not available as the order has already gone for further processing once the confirmation has received. Therefore, cancellation could not be possible.