Bulk Orders

Kindly a co-operation is needed here in regards of purchasing of products through the personal links of the website for personal use such as for resale or commercial use because this activity is strictly not allowed. It can include the orders for customers or on behalf of customers or sometimes orders for other friends or relatives who are supposed to use the products. The reason for this action is that Amor Beauty is an advertising company where people can buy products themselves rather than involving any third party. We aim that our affiliates may refer us to new people but never try to place orders on anybody’s behalf because they will not eligible for any kind of referral fee. If anybody is found involved in this restricted activity then Amor Beauty has complete legal rights to cancel the registration without any notice and revoke all the payments via your account, until and unless you prove yourself genuine. Amor deals with the distribution of all Amor items itself without any third party involvement. There is no display center or outlet or retail shop of Amor. Distribution is done online only with home delivery service to end-users.