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For centuries, silver has been used for jewelry, utensils, dental alloys, batteries etc. but the amazing fact about this glossy metal is, it is now becoming well known as a beauty enhancer along with the number of properties it possesses from the beauty point of view. On the other hand, rice is loved by everyone for its meal just like it is also now becoming popular for skin care in a number of ways.

Why Rice SIlver Serum Beneficial For Skin?

Amor has gathered multiple ingredients along with rice and silver for the purpose of better skin care or treatment with natural beauty enhancers.


Silver leaf, Sandal white, Mustard white, Coconut water, Rice, Potato water, Banana water, Pomegranate flower, Carbonate


 It’s a perfect serum product for those who are worried about acne, pimples, dark skin tone or any type of skin condition like psoriasis, eczema, or rosacea. The ingredients for this serum are specially chosen, gathered and tested for high-quality results.

Silver leaf is safely used in beauty products and acts powerfully as an antioxidant, antiseptic or anti-inflammatory agent. It fights the toxins and free radicals on the outer layer of the skin and omits them. Thus, gradually vanishing the ageing signs of wrinkles and fine lines, extra sebum by tightening the pores and leaving skin smooth, hydrated and glowing. Also prevents pimples and acne.

Rice contains some bioactive elements which include PABA, ferulic, phytic acid etc. are used to lighten aged dark patches, and skin exfoliation adds skin protection against UV light radiations. Peptide proteins of rice when absorbed in the skin, it synthesizes the skin structural proteins (collagen) to lighten the skin tone.

Potato water also has a number of benefits preventing skin from sun damage, enhancing the complexion, and protein richness, lightening the skin, loading with vitamins B and C, manganese, preventing acne, and removing dark spots.

Mustard white used as a substitute in beauty products, hydrates skin cells and makes them healthier by providing protection against harmful factors. Also have similar properties like other components, skin tone improvement, anti-ageing effects, natural sunscreen etc.

Banana water is enriched in magnesium and potassium, which help to keep skin hydrated, and make skin limber and soft. Having the best anti-ageing properties fights wrinkles. Also, have vitamin A which aids in vanishing the scars and dark spots. Bananas are the natural hydration of the body.

Sandal white repairs the breakouts and makes skin smooth and fresh by treating a number of skin conditions like dermatitis, and eczema, reliefs the symptoms of psoriasis by calming down the irritations and itchiness through its cooling properties that also help in pimples or acne condition. For the purpose to get natural beauty, widely used in fairness masks or face packs due to having natural skin whitening agents.

Coconut water contains multivitamins like B2, B3 and C and many other constituents that could be good for skin health. Vitamin C aids in making a fair complexion, works against skin hyperpigmentation, improves the blood circulation of the skin, decreases wrinkles and fine lines by enhancing collagen synthesis and leaves skin with a visible glow.

Pomegranate flower not only provides a glow to the skin, but it also augments the quality of the skin. Helps in removing acne or pimple marks, blemishes and patches and gives a brighter and smooth look to the skin. Prevents the breakdown of skin proteins.

Carbonate is a strong exfoliator, should be a part of skincare routine to throw out the excess oils from the skin and prevents acne and ageing by tightening the pores of the skin and leaving skin glowing.


No side effects have been reported yet. It is all safe for any type of skin unless looking at the description makes sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.


  • Wash your face with any Amor face wash which is best befit to your skin type.
  • Pat your face with a towel without rubbing.
  • Take 4 – 5 drops of rice silver serum and apply gently using fingertips to neck and face in an upward circular motion.
  • Do not rub hard, let the serum absorb on its own.


  • Any of the components could be irritating or harsh for the eyes so avoid contact with the eyes.
  • Keep it cool and dry.
  • Do not leave it open.


This white rice serum price in Pakistan reasonable and justified.


 The unopened item could be returned within 4 weeks and get your pay return if the fault or issue in the order is from our side that as the wrong item or defective item. Otherwise, no policy is applicable to the purchased item.


It could be shipped anywhere in the world if no salability restrictions are found on this product (as many products are not allowed to ship internationally) and the price will also be revised depending on weight and shipment charges.



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