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Everybody wants to keep their skin safe from environmental and disease effects as well, especially the skin of the face because it's exposed all the time that's why we are offering one of the best facial kit in pakistan


Coming up with only a few steps that will bring a supernatural effect to your skin tone and that is our newly launched whitening facial kit. It is a complete package that you may avail at your home that will give you a glowing look with instant whitening enhancement. Its main components are;

Whitening face cleansers, Massage creams, Whitening masks, Whitening scrubs, Skin polish, and mists, containing Vitamin E as the main constituent that makes the skin look younger, have antioxidant properties that protect skin from inflammation, prevent skin moisture by creating a natural barrier and soft touch whitening facial kit price in Pakistan.


White soft paraffin leaves a layer of oil that controls the vaporization of water from the skin cells and prevents skin from irritants, treats eczema, and many other sun-related conditions.

Silicon oil also helps in locking the moisture within the skin and provides smooth effects to the skin.

Rose water provided a cheerful glow to the skin, a chill-out, and a very calming fragrance with hydration and balance maintenance by settling down all the massaging effects.

It also has a stearic acid that is good for those who have sensitive skin or have any kind of skin irritation or peeling off linked to any skin diseases. It produces whitening, moisturizing and relaxing effects by smoothing and softening the skin. Helps in keeping safe the skin from the direct effects of ultraviolet radiations of Sunlight like dark spots or pimples (blemishes).

Micellar water (do noise water) keeps the skin smooth, supple, and soft by enhancing hydration and reducing inflammation and irritation.

Food Color is also a constituent of this facial kit, proven to have no harm applied on the skin but it may cause allergic reactions to sensitive skin.

All these components together exfoliate that disappears the dark spots, remove dead skin cells, increase blood circulation, brighten the skin's appearance, and remove black and white heads to prevent acne and pimples by kicking out the dirt and oil from cells (best for skin that secretes more sebum than normal).

Whitening scrub applies on the skin in a gentle circular motion for about 30 sec to 1 minute then rinses with lukewarm water. Do not wash it immediately after exfoliation as the active components take time to absorb into the skin. Just leave it for 15-30 minutes to see the supernatural effects.



Keep away from your eyes and also try to not inhale when applying on your face because stearic acid can cause serious damage to both the respiratory tract and eyes.

It may cause sensitization, redness, irritation, or itching to hypersensitive skin. In this case, rinse your face with cold water and do not apply any product further without medical consultation.



No need to go to the salon. You can easily apply, massage, and enjoy the supernatural glow at your home by following the 6-steps with naturally active ingredients that will clarify the dark spots by a deep cleansing of skin pores and makes your skin looks spotless, removing the dead cells and, makes skin brighter, soft, shiny and the hydra spray at last keeps skin sodden with refreshing mist that makes your skin smooth, soft to touch like petals of roses.


Step 1: Amor Whitening Face Cleanser

Apply face cleanser then wet the tips of your finger and massage. Remove with the cotton pad or sponge, and make sure it properly comes all off.

Step 2: Amor Whitening Face Scrub (Exfoliate)

Massage for 15-20 minutes gently in an upward circular motion then clean it with a slightly wet cloth or sponge.

Step 3: Amor Whitening Skin Polish

Massage for 5 minutes then leaves it on the skin for 10v-15 minutes and properly clean with a slightly wet cloth or sponge

Step 4: Amor Whitening Face Mask

Take-out fourth portion, apply gently to face and neck and massage for 15-20 minutes and clean with a slightly wet cloth or sponge

Step 5: Amor Hydrating Face Freshener

Spray on the whole face, keep your eyes close when spraying then leave it on your face for 5 minutes.

Step 6: Amor Whitening Face Lifting Massage Cream

Apply and massage in an upward circular motion and enjoy the best whitening facial at home


Even though, the night is the best time because at night skin can absorb all the components without fighting from sun, wind, dust, bacteria, and pollution while evening could also be a good time to avail the best results.


Keep your eyes close while doing the whole massage process to prevent direct contact. Otherwise, it may cause irritation or severe damage to your eyes.



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