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Amor brings a soap-free natural formula that will help wash out the impurities and dirt from your skin. Amor Neem face wash is a blend of natural organic ingredients, all in one best face wash for excess sebum producing skin. Potentially combats pimples and acne because of having antifungal and antibacterial properties and skin more clear and smooth.


Sodium Lauryl ether Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Coconut di ethanol amine, Aloe Vera Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Turmeric, Chamomile Extract, Neem Extracts, Preservatives, Color, Fragrance.


It provides a smooth, radiant and clean and clear skin (acne free). Also removes the acne scars.

Tea tree oil is used to treat acne, pimples and scars and prevents skin from getting swelled, red or irritated. Helps in brightening the skin and makes it soft and smooth by clearing the dark spots. Cocamidopropyl betaine comes from coconut and is the best surfactant, highly tolerable for skin even in children and infants and internationally suggested to use in lather products. It penetrates into skin and binds to the dirt, filth and oil of skin and takes them out. Also suitable for sensitive skins and eczema. Sodium Lauryl ether Sulphate (SLS), is used to clean the skin more effectively, and widely used in the cosmetic industry to produce a creamy texture. Coconut di ethanol amine works as a moisturizer and a surface-active agent and helps to adjust the pH of all other ingredients. Aloe Vera Extract contains minerals, enzymes, vitamins and antioxidant properties that add a refreshing effect and moisturize the skin. Helps in exfoliation, skin burns, removal of dark spots, fights against clog pores and maintains an even skin tone. Turmeric also has high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characters that brings out the dirt from skin, leaving it smooth, clear and glowing. If someone is suffering from severe acne or pimples, this face wash containing turmeric is best for them as it prevents the breakouts. Chamomile Extract helps in tightening the pores, replaces the dead cells with new fresh skin and makes the aging of skin slow. It’s a strong antioxidant with phytochemicals and polyphenols that vanishes the wrinkles and fine lines. In Neem Extracts, essential fatty acids are found that help to make skin healthy by preventing dryness, acne, pimples or blemishes. It also helps to brighten the skin by low down the production of melanin. Preservatives are used to enhance the life of products by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.

All the organic ingredients with strong skin care capabilities blend together to provide more significant results with no adverse effects that's why this is the best face wash for acne and pimples in Pakistan.


Amor neem face wash has no side effects. It is all safe to use but do not leave on skin for too long as SLS can cause irritation to sensitive skin or might be any other components that cause redness or extreme dryness, if not suitable to skin.


Do not apply with dirty hands. First, wash hands then Splash some water on face, squeeze a small amount of face wash then gently massage on face for 1 – 2 minutes then wash out the face. Just pat dry, do not rub with the towel then apply Amor face serum for moisturizing effect.

Wash your face with Amor neem face wash twice a day.


  • Place in a dry, cool place.
  • Do not leave it open.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.


The unopened item could be returned within 4 weeks and get your pay return if the fault or issue in the order is from our side that is the wrong item or defective item. Otherwise, no policy is applicable to the purchased item.


It could be shipped anywhere in the world if no salability restrictions are found on this product (as many products are not allowed to ship internationally) and the price will also be revised depending on weight and shipment charges.



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