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Amor beauty is a best hair growth serum in Pakistan which brings a blend of natural ingredients to provide a healthy, protective layer on your hair strands to shield hair from environmental factors like heat, pollutants, or hot air, and keep hair hydrated to control frizzy or curly hair and protect against damage. Hair serum is used for the regrowth of hair.



Let’s grow your hair and provide strength to the scalp to eliminate hair fallout or thinning and boost blood circulation to reduce shedding issues and enhance the thickening of hairs. 




Johar white til, Johar kala til, Johar-e-amla, Arq-e-zafran, Johar Badam, Johar Bezah, Johar Hina, Sandal surkh, Darchakna 25%, Raskapoor 22%, Post Beza, Zafran.




 It can be beneficial for hair in multiple ways as it protects hair from heat damage, prevents color fading, enhances elasticity, provides soft and smooth touch, and adds shine.

Johar white til is enriched in omega fatty acid which provides nourishment to roots and stimulates the growth of hair by improving the circulation of blood and renovating the follicle of hair. Johar Kala til also has the same properties as white til. In addition, it helps to lock the moisture in hair for a long time. Johar-e-amla helps to reduce hair fall and stimulate hair growth due to the power of phytonutrients along with minerals and vitamins. It also helps in keeping away dandruff due to having antibacterial properties. Arq-e-zafran has antioxidant properties which reduce hair loss, clean the pores and scalp, and regrow damaged hair by providing strength to the follicles. Zafran also has properties to treat alopecia (baldness). Johar badam is also enriched in omega fatty acids along with vitamin E and magnesium which supports hair growth by nourishing the hair follicles and removes dandruff as well. Johar Hina is found in this serum in its pure form prevents hair from premature fading, makes hair shiny, stronger, thicker, and dandruff free because of having antimicrobial and antifungal properties, and also maintains the pH balance of hair. Sandal Surkh when blended with these natural organic ingredients triggers hair growth quickly and keeps the scalp clean. Darchakna improves the circulation of blood in the scalp, which supports the growth of hair and its antifungal properties help in hair problems caused by various types of fungus. Raskapor (camphor) can relieve scalp itching by cleaning the debris, and dead skin and removing the dandruff flakes, ensuring the growth of healthy hair and also keeping lice away from hair. Post Beza makes hair glossy and shiny.




Most hair serums are not recommended to use directly on the scalp but Amor Hair serum could be safely that's why this is best hair serum which can used over the scalp as it is designed not only for strands but also nourishes the roots. While can cause irritation or redness and itching if sensitive to any ingredient found in this serum.  Just make sure to wash hair properly otherwise it could build up along with the natural scalp oils and could damage hair. As it is an oil-based serum so you can on a daily basis, recommended.



 If you have a damaged scalp then apply 6 – 7 drops on the affected areas before sleep at night. Wash it with normal water in the morning. For best results, use it on properly clean and washed (wet) hair, then it will work as a protective layer against environmental filth.Can also enjoy the benefits and results before hair styling.


  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Wash immediately, if causing irritation or itching.


            The unopened item could be returned within 4 weeks and get your pay return if the fault or issue in the order is from our side that is the wrong item or defective item. Otherwise, no policy is applicable to the purchased item.



 It could be shipped anywhere in the world if no salability restrictions are found on this product and the price will also be revised depending on weight and shipment charges.




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