About us

Our aim is to be the world’s most reliable and innovative firm. We want to grow and expand in a way where we nurture people’s lifestyle and mind. While ensuring no compromise on the quality of our products, Amor desires to be everywhere around the world providing the finest quality which should be in everyone’s reaching.
About Us
Amor is just not a company it’s everything to us because it means “love”. There is a concrete reason to name our company “Amor” owning to the fact that we strive to create a product range for the love of common people and their daily life struggles. Women are a creation satiated with love and care, for that reason they need intensive and fragile care for their God gifted beauty. We ensure that each and every product of our company should be made cautiously. Organic ingredients, effective, high end quality, and affordable prices are our core mission. We are continuously working to provide the best skin, hair and health care range to the local people and bring them healthy ingredients, which are completely safe with affordable prices that should be in everyone’s reach.
  • All Natural
    Natural ingredients, no artificial colors or flavors added. Presenting you with more care.
  • Nation Wide Delivery
    Delivering all across Pakistan
  • PCSIR Certified
    Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR)